We are glad to inform you that we have launched highly specialized and professional psychological services outsourcing model called Psychowaves Embedded Model to support clinical and non-clinical setups in the country. Our Psychowaves Embedded Model for clinical set ups consist of wide range of services focusing on various branches of medicine & surgery.

Psychowaves Embedded Model through which we provide fully trained, qualified and accredited Psychologists/Psychotherapists / Counsellors to carry out various behavioral and psychological services including assessments and psychotherapies supported by standardized test material/ apparatus to carry out the services.

Who are we ?

Psychowaves is group of enthusiastic psychologists and mental health professionals initiated with the purpose to promote Psychology and its applications, under the guidance of esteemed Prof. Dwarka Parshad (Retd Prof. Clinical Psychology from PGI Chandigarh). Psychowaves regularly conduct training programs for young budding psychologists to disseminate the recent advancement in theory and practice in Psychology. Our team is dedicated to training the next generation of mental health professionals in the areas of psychological assessment and clinical service, with practices informed by psychological science, theory, and research. We are committed to providing psychological assessment and Counselling services to children, adolescents, and adults, and to expanding the reach of psychological services through practice and research.

Psychowaves also running many centres for individual clinical services in different cities along with online counselling and Home visits to provide best in class psychological, counselling and therapeutic services for you and your close ones in different settings of life. Our team of professionals are dedicated to excellence in behavioural assessment & restructuring of all types of behaviour with constant focus on quality of care.

Psychowaves Embedded Model

Psychowaves is a new approach of providing mental health services effectively and efficiently Psychiatry Hospitals, Super-Speciality hospitals & medical colleges by establishing a need-based and campus-placed model deputing Psychowaves qualified, trained and accredited psychologists/counsellors/clinicians inside the institution, known as the Psychowaves Embedded Model. It assesses the needs and resources already existing within the institution and involving various stakeholders like patients& attendants in the process followed by an attempt to create a sustainable and equitable solution to address the mental health needs of the institution.

Through Psychowaves Embedded Model each counsellor/psychologist/ therapist can address the specific and unique needs of each patient through confidential psychological service delivery supported by outreach, education, and prevention programs, engage with Clients through interactive programs, and develop materials specifically tailored to cater to the individual needs of the institution.

Goals of Psychowaves Embedded Model:

  To increase support to OPD and Indoor patients' mental health and wellness via direct, local service delivery, including clinical, consultation, and prevention services targeting low and high risk needs, developmental& behaviour profiling issues, diagnosable illnesses, crisis intervention, and psycho emergencies.

  Meet the expressed needs of authorities, faculty and patients in the institution for accessible interventions and prevention services.

Psychowaves Embedded Staff : Psychowaves Experts are fully qualified, trained and registered mental health professionals who are physically placed at the identified institution to carry out day to day mental health services.

A Note Regarding Confidentiality : As mental health-care providers, Psychowaves is professionally and ethically required to uphold standards of confidentiality of patients, and institution authorities whom they expect us to uphold the standards of confidentiality.

Class-Room/Outdoor Interactions : Embedded counsellors/experts will be available for class room or any outdoor interactions as per need of respective institution regarding mental health issues and concerns.

Clinical Psychology Services : All kinds of Individual/group psychological assessment & psycho-therapy services shall be available for indoor and outdoor patients as well as for care givers. Types of Psychowaves Clinical Psychology Services provided by our embedded experts are as follow :

1 : Psychological Assessment for psychological analysis of behavioural strengths and weakness. This profile will help in taking decisions for the management chosen for each of the client. Our procedures include :

  Diagnostic Psychometrics
  Personality Tests ( For Children and Adults )
  Projective Tests (Rorschach Ink Blot, TAT & others)
  IQ Testing
  Specific Learning Disability Assessment
  Neuro-Psychological Assessment (Memory test, Brain Dysfunctions Test )
  Detailed Case workups (with or without diagnostic tests)
  Adjustment and other behavioural Assessments
  Rating Scales for all Psychiatric Disorders

2 : Management/ Interventions for different types of psychiatric conditions may include :

  Cognitive behavioural therapy
  Behaviour Modification
  Supportive Psychotherapy
  Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Behaviour Therapy
  Activity Scheduling / Rescheduling
  Family therapy
  Psycho education to Client and family
  Anxiety Management
  Rehabilitation counselling
  Marital and Pre marital Counselling
  Motivation Enhancement Therapy & more

Our team is competent in conducting psychological assessments that consists of personality assessments to understand traits that trigger and maintain the psychopathology, Psycho-diagnostic assessments to rule out co-morbidities and help in formulating appropriate diagnosis, Neuropsychological assessments to help in understanding the nature, area, and level of deterioration which helps in understanding the pre/post-surgical, treatment, neuropsychological intervention effects and the line of treatment best suited for such patients. Our team is well-versed in using widely used scientific standardized tools/ psychological tests that help to measure and deal with diverse nature of disorders- affective, psychogenic, organic, and disorders of the psychotic spectrum with effective and highly comprehensive reports.

Our team conducts various psychotherapies that are not just traditional like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Behaviour Therapy but also the latest third generation therapy like Mindfulness based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. We bring to use these therapies with our psychological formulation that helps us to choose what exactly the pattern of maladaptive behaviour, lifestyle and the psychopathology need to dealt with and how. Years of training, work experience as counsellors, psychotherapists, psychometricians, and consultants at both private settings and medical colleges have enabled our team to give you the best out of our experience to support you and enable you to become independent enough to deal with your difficulties. Our goal is make sure each of our patients and clients become competent to handle life better. Life may bring distress due to various psychosocial factors that triggers and maintain psychiatric illnesses; a lot of such illnesses start to show symptoms and alarming signs since childhood or early adolescence that if left untreated may lead to a personality disorder in adulthood.

Benefits of Choosing Psychowaves as outsourced partner in services delivery :
Our organization Psychowaves consists of trained and licensed professionals, who in fact must complete their patient load of at least a thousand in their period of education and training in MPhil in Clinical Psychology from a medical college. We support and encourage our professional to update themselves with advanced trainings and therapies regularly to cater to the increasingly challenging requirements in the field of Psychiatry, Neurology, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Geriatric support, affective and various psychological disturbances. Our setting provides professional back up and mentorship by internationally renowned Experts like Dr. Dwarka Pershad, therefore, we make sure our team is well equipped to cater to the challenging demands. Out sourcing psychological services benefits you with such professionals, we make sure when your setting has our professional(s) working there, you setting never has to be bothered with long absences or shortage of clinical psychologists. In the face of long leaves, Psychowaves provides with substitute/alternative staff.

Key features of Outsourcing Team:

  Highly Trained, Qualified and RCI Registered Staff.
  Regular Upgrading of team with latest advancement in policies, theory and practice
  Expert professional backup of internationally acknowledged subject experts
  Extra support with extended team on special visits basis in case of requirement
  Substitution in case of leave
  Well-versed with administration, interpretation of all type of psychological assessments/evaluation procedures for different purpose like diagnostics, educational, treatment planning, disability certification, immigration and medico-legal
  Excellent report writing skills ( Appropriate with the Purpose of Testing)
  Experience in developing and implementing programs
  Proficient team in cross-cultural settings
  Able to work in a multidisciplinary team

Outsourcing Models

A. Setting Up Psychowaves Behavioural Evaluation & Therapeutic Services Unit:

Option I: With Franchise fee
  Psychological Tools/Test Material shall be provided by Psychowaves
  Specialised Psychological First Aid Device will be provided
  Revenue Sharing ratio is 25-75 between Psychowaves and your organisation respectively

Option II: Without Franchise fee
  No Material and Tests or apparatus will be provided by Psychowaves
  Revenue Sharing ratio is 50:50 between Psychowaves and your organisation respectively

Requirements for Setting up Psychowaves Behavioural Evaluation & Therapeutic Services Unit at Your Campus:
  Infra-Structure: 2 Rooms / Cabins with furniture& other settings like lighting, Almirah, AC, Chairs, and Table etc.
  Computer Support: with printer for report generation.
  Manpower: Attendant/ Helper and other office support.
  Financial Tie-up: Service charges & profit sharing will be discussed mutually.
  Working Schedules: to be discussed mutually.
  All promotional Activities shall be carried out by the you. Designing of promotional material will be done by Psychowaves.

B. Placement of Expert/s
We provide experts (Clinical Psychologist/ Psychologist/ Counsellors) as per requirement of the institution with following support procedure:

  The Expert will be imparted necessary training by Psychowaves to sensitize for performing at your institution.
  Follow up service for the Expert provided.
  Follow up service for the Expert provided.
  Provision of an alternative Expert in case the Expert proceeds for a long period).
  Monthly salary Per Staff (To be discussed on the time)

Option I: Providing Expert on Monthly Fix Salary
Option II: Providing Expert on One Time Payment